Photo gallery

Our end of year celebration in 2023:

Our end of year celebration 2022:

Some photos from the Beaches Sangha retreat at Gorrick's Run in April 2016.

The drop loos & showers

visiting wombat

Mick's swanky setup

Sylvie & Renata doing pasta making meditation

The welcoming warmth of the dojo and kitchen at night.

Inside the dojo (meditation hall) at night.

Winton Higgins - who was our most regular dharma teacher, leading sutta study each month. Winton still gives occasional talks throughout the year.

At our 5th birthday celebration in 2014 we pained rocks to represent what sangha means to us. We have some serious rock painting talent in the group! 

Some photos from our first ever Beaches Sangha 3 day retreat held at Gorrick's Run near St. Albans in May/June 2014.

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