Monday 28 March 2016

This week @ Sangha - Awakening

Hi everyone. 

This week @ Beaches Sangha we have one of our old regular teachers, Winton Higgins, returning to give us a talk that we requested. It's on the topic of 'awakening', otherwise known as liberation, or nirvana.

For those of you who haven't met Winton before, we have an ongoing challenge to ask him a question to which he doesn't know the answer. We haven't managed it yet. 

Winton's talks are always highly educational and enjoyable. I hope to see you on Thursday night, armed with every question you've ever had about awakening.


Wednesday 23 March 2016

Two Day Workshop: A Street Guide to Meditation and the Buddha's Teachings


Two Day Workshop
A Street Guide to Meditation and the Buddha's Teachings

Hi all. I've mentioned a few times lately that I was organising this. It's a two day non-residential workshop I'm running on Sat 14 and Sun 15 May. It'll be like an expanded version of my One Page Dharma talk, with an experience of some different approaches to meditation mixed in as we go. Click here for more details and to register. 

I'd be really grateful if you'd pass the link on to anyone you think might be interested.

Warm regards

Tuesday 22 March 2016

This week @ Sangha

Hi all. 

This week @ Beaches Sangha we have Gawaine Powell-Davies returning to give a talk called 'Dharma doors'. The concept of 'doors' to the dharma is that there are many ways to access it or tune into it. Gawaine's talks are always stimulating. I hope you can make it.


Wednesday 16 March 2016

Diana Levy, a member of the Sydney Zen Centre, will be teaching 'Japanese Poetry - Haiku Ginko' at the WEA starting April 7th: - a 5 week course.
She will also be coming to speak about haiku at Beaches on June 2nd.

Monday 14 March 2016

This week @ Beaches

Hi all.

This week @ Beaches Sangha Neil will be facilitating an open discussion. We hold these sessions a few times a year to give space to any questions, confusions, issues that are bubbling around for you, or situations you'd like to share where you're trying to apply the dharma. It's really a session designed to allow for whatever might be helpful in your path and practice.

Also two reminders:

Beaches Retreat - a reminder to regular Sangha members to let me or Sylvie know in the next fortnight if you want to come to the Beaches Sangha retreat from 28 April-1 May.
Beginner's Workshop - I'll be holding this on the weekend of 14-15 May. Please let me know if you'd like to come along.

The weather has been delightful lately, and we've been meditating on the deck. I hope you can join us.


Monday 7 March 2016

This week @ Beaches + Beaches Sangha Retreat + Beginner's Workshop

Hi all.

This week @ Beaches Sangha we have Sylvie sharing a podcast on self compassion. So bring your yoga mats, cushions etc. again, to make yourselves comfy as we listen to that. A discussion will follow as usual.

We also have a couple of events you may be interested in:

Beaches Sangha Retreat
We will be having our very own 3 day retreat from Thu 28 April to Sun 1 May at Gorrick's Run (Zen Centre property) near St. Albans. The retreat is open to regular Sangha members and is an unusual one in that it's self led (there won't be structured teachings or teachers). 

Participants can either bring their camping gear and camp in the cleared area around the meditation hall, lay a swag on the deck of the meditation hall (which is covered), or there are a few indoor sleeping spaces/ mattresses/ beds available. 

The property is rustic but lovely. It has fire-powered hot showers, drop toilets, a well equipped kitchen and a beautiful meditation hall surrounded by bushland. It's about a 2.5 hr drive. It will be self catered - we'll finalise those arrangements once we know how many people are coming. The cost is $90 per person for the 3 days. 

If you'd like to come, please let me or Sylvie know by the end of March.

Weekend workshop - 
I'll be running a weekend workshop on 14/15 May that offers an overview of both meditation and the Buddha's teachings. It is suitable for beginners and also for those who've had some experience with the teachings but would like to get a sense of how it hangs together. We'll also try a number of different approaches to meditation. 

It will be at our normal venue and will run from 10am-4pm both days. I'm just ironing out the remaining details at the moment, but if you're interested or know someone who might be, please put the date aside or pass along this info. I'll let you know further details and when and how to enrol shortly.

Hope to see you Thursday.