Saturday, 16 January 2021

2021 Schedule available

Just a quick note to let you know that the meeting schedule for 2021 study group meetings has been updated and posted under the What's On page of the web site. See you soon!

Monday, 4 May 2020

Online Dharma Course with Gregory Kramer

Hi all.

I want to let you know of an upcoming online dharma course being run by Gregory Kramer. 

Greg is most well known for creating the practice of Insight Dialogue (treating dialogue as meditation), however he is also a fabulous dharma teacher. He's about to release his next book about treating your whole life as the dharma path and this 10 week online course is based on that. It will look at each "fold" in the Eightfold Path and what that means in practice especially in these strange times.

I highly recommend Gregory to you. If this course is of interest, don't miss it! For more info, click here.

....and for members of Beaches Sangha, a reminder that this Thursday we are discussing Chapter 2 of Stephen Batchelor's book 'After Buddhism" (titled "Mahanama the Convert"), along with Session 3 in the corresponding workbook.

Warm regards

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Next week's meeting - virtual and spontaneously off-piste

Hi all.

With community centres all closed at the moment, we'll be having our April meeting in the cloud via Zoom.

We're also going to take a detour from our normal program (working through Stephen Batchelor's book, see What's On), and instead, discuss this article by Winton Higgins called "Dharmic Existentialist Ethics in a Time of Pandemic". 

With the weirdness of the world at the moment we thought this would be a valuable opportunity to infuse our experience and perceptions with a bit of dharma, and help us process what's going on.

This will be our first virtual meeting, and because it's a discussion rather than a talk, we will limit the number of participants. If you're not a regular member of Beaches Sangha and would like to participate, please contact Kristin on the email address at the bottom of this page to let her know, and we'll be in touch early next week.

Warm regards

Friday, 21 February 2020

Early you can read!

Hi all.

Here's a slightly early reminder of our next session on Thursday week, 5th March. I'm posting this early to remind you that some reading is required....specifically, Chapter 1 of Batchelor's book, (also titled "After Buddhism") and Session 2 of the workbook. 

It's a great idea to read it a bit before we meet so that you can ponder on the questions at the end of the Session in the workbook.

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday week.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Radical Compassion Challenge

Hi all.

It's another couple of weeks until our first meeting for the year. In the meantime I thought some of you might be interested in this free course being run by Sounds True. 

It's called the Radical Compassion Challenge and is hosted by Tara Brach who is a popular American teacher.

You can sign up here if you're interested.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Sangha celebration this Thursday!

Hi all.

This week is our sangha review and celebration. We'll do a shorter meditation than normal, then have a chat about next year, and then eat, drink and be merry. The rave party may or may not emerge :)

Anyone who's come along at all this year is very welcome to join us. If you do, please bring some food to share and something to drink. We're going to see if we can go all vegan this year in line with the principle of non-harm. But if vegan is too much of a stretch, then at least veggo please.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

This month @ Beaches - Buddha Nature, Mara Nature

Hi all.

This month at Beaches Sangha we're going to have a discussion about Stephen Batchelor's talk: "Buddha Nature, Mara Nature".  I've often heard people talk about Buddha Nature as if it's some kind of "thing" inside of us, or our "true nature" that's just there waiting to be uncovered....almost like the Buddhist substitute for a soul. 

This is a mis-understanding. In fact "Buddha Nature" appears nowhere in the early texts and is arguably a significant mis-translation of the idea it did come from.

Batchelor's talk is an hour long and it's really rich, so you may want to listen more than once. So I thought I'd put up this post about it a bit earlier than normal so that you have plenty of time to listen and note down your thoughts, questions, and things to discuss.

Here's the link to listen or download it.

I hope to see you on Thursday 31st October for our last content session. 


P.S. We'll be having our end of year get together at the end of November.