What's On


Aug   17   group discussion

Aug  24    Diana Levy: Walking the Talk with Haiku
Aug  31    Gawaine; TBA

Sept  7     Merran Dawson: Unwrapping Ungratefulness: The Invisible Act of Grace that Nurtures Us.       

For information on workshops and retreats in the Sydney area, see the Sydney Insight Meditators web site.


  1. Hi Lenore,
    I was trying to find a way of sending an email to you but the Contact link isn't working. Also, I was wondering if there should be a link to Sydney Insight Meditators so people can find out about the retreats? Cheers, Selena. PS I am sending this to see if you receive the message.

    1. Hi Selena. Thanks for the suggestion. There is actually a link to SIM already but it's via the 'connecting' tab on the Secular Buddhism Australia web site. So I might list it again here for ease of access. Can you tell me on Thursday, which contact link you tried to use?