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Beaches Sangha Schedule 2019

Beaches Sangha usually meets for meditation and dharma study on the last Thursday of the month. Any exceptions to this are marked with an asterisk (*).

The suttas below are from the book ‘The Basic Teachings of the Buddha’ by Glenn Wallis. If you’d like to join in, it’s a good idea to get yourself a copy of this book.


31 Jan

Sutta 9 - Turning the Wheel of the Teaching
28 Feb

Sutta 10 - Gotama’s Discourse
7 Mar*

One Page Dharma - an overview of the Buddha's teachings

14 Mar*

Sutta 11: Destination
18 Apr*

Sutta 12: Quenched
16 May*

Sutta 13: Signs of the Fabricated
6 June*

Sutta 14: Just This
25 Jul

Winter Break - no meeting
29 Aug

Sutta 15: How to Meditate
26 Sep

Sutta 16: How to Live as a Buddha
31 Oct

Stephen Batchelor podcast & discussion: Buddha Nature, Mara Nature part I

28 Nov

End of Year party


  1. Hi I'd like to join you guys for meditation. Do you have an email list of facebook page?

    1. Hi Shanti. Yes, just add your name to the 'follow by email' box up on the right, and you'll be added to the email list. You're very welcome to join us.


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