What's On


Nov 2   Meditation & discussion

Nov 9   Stephen Batchelor podcast & discussion
Nov 16   Victor von der Heyde: Going on long retreats

Nov 23   Jampa: Emotions


Nov 30   Meditation & discussion about our meditation practices

Dec 7   Meditation & discussion
Dec 14   End of year party

Beaches Sangha will break for the Christmas/New Year period and resume meetings with a brand new schedule on Thursday 11th January.

For information on workshops and retreats in the Sydney area, see the Sydney Insight Meditators web site.

For information on workshops and retreats Australia-wide, see this web site.


  1. Hi Lenore,
    I was trying to find a way of sending an email to you but the Contact link isn't working. Also, I was wondering if there should be a link to Sydney Insight Meditators so people can find out about the retreats? Cheers, Selena. PS I am sending this to see if you receive the message.

    1. Hi Selena. Thanks for the suggestion. There is actually a link to SIM already but it's via the 'connecting' tab on the Secular Buddhism Australia web site. So I might list it again here for ease of access. Can you tell me on Thursday, which contact link you tried to use?

  2. Hi I'd like to join you guys for meditation. Do you have an email list of facebook page?

    1. Hi Shanti. Yes, just add your name to the 'follow by email' box up on the right, and you'll be added to the email list. You're very welcome to join us.


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