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Beaches Sangha Schedule 2020

In 2020 Beaches Sangha is meeting for meditation and dharma study on the first Thursday of the month (where COVID restrictions allow). We meet via Zoom most other Thursday nights for a meditation together and sometimes a discussion, where a topic emerges.

We're studying the book "After Buddhism: Rethinking the Dharma for a Secular Age" by Stephen Batchelor with the corresponding workbook published by Tuwhiri Publishing. 

If you'd like to participate, you'll need both of these. You'll need to either download or buy Batchelor's book. We currently have one spare printed copy of the workbook available if you attend a session. Otherwise, it can be purchased in various formats here.


6 Feb

Session 1 of the Workbook. No reading of Batchelor's book is required for this session.

5 Mar

Session 2 of the Workbook
Preface and Chapter 1 ("After Buddhism") of Batchelor's Book.

2 Apr

Virtual Session by Zoom
Discussion of the article: "Dharmic Existentialist Ethics in a Time of Pandemic" by Winton Higgins.

7 May

Session 3 of the Workbook by Zoom
Chapter 2 ("Mahanama: The Convert") of the Batchelor book.

4 Jun

Session 4 of the Workbook by Zoom
Chapter 3 ("A Fourfold Task") of the Batchelor book.

2 Jul

Session 5 of the Workbook
Chapter 3 ("A Fourfold Task") of the Batchelor book continued. 

6 Aug

Session 6 of the Workbook
Chapter 4 of the Batchelor book.

3 Sep

Session 7 of the Workbook
Chapter 5 of the Batchelor book: Letting go of truth

1 Oct

Session 8 of the Workbook
Chapter 6 of the Batchelor book: Sunakkhatta: the traitor

5 Nov

Session 9 of the Workbook
Chapter 7 of the Batchelor book: On Experience

3 Dec

 End of year party


  1. Hi I'd like to join you guys for meditation. Do you have an email list of facebook page?

    1. Hi Shanti. Yes, just add your name to the 'follow by email' box up on the right, and you'll be added to the email list. You're very welcome to join us.