Monday 11 August 2014

This week @ Beaches + Mindfulness madness

Hi all.

This week at Beaches Sangha Jampa will be giving the first of a series of talks on the “Wheel,” (pictured above). This one is called "The Ego Empire". Jampa will explore the elements below and the practical significance they hold for how we live our lives.

The Ego Empire 
The ignorance-driven world that we normally identify with is traditionally represented in Buddhist iconography as “The Wheel of Life,” aka, “The Ego Empire.” The “Wheel” graphically depicts the driving force behind the self, the operating mechanism that sustains the self, and the psycho-physical outcome of our mind’s misguided attempt to secure the self in space and time.

Mindfulness madness
Also, I've just published a new blog post called 'Mindfulness madness". This looks at the concerns I have over mindfulness being the current craze/ fad of the moment as it seems to be. Feel free to subscribe to the blog - I don't post often but the posts are always relevant to you mob :-) Also feel free to comment.

Hope to see you Thursday.

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