Monday 15 September 2014

This week @ Beaches - precepts

Hi all.

This week Betsy is giving another talk/discussion on the precepts. I anticipate this will also give an opportunity to report back about how people's chosen precepts are going. We know already from discussion a few weeks ago that for some people, they have brought about some positive change. 

Personally I too have found the focus on precepts beneficial. My chosen precept was under the 'maintaining a clear mind' precept (the opposite of which is indulging in intoxicants of the mind). My goal was to let go of pointless mental movies. I distinguished these from productive ones which help with problem solving or rehearsing an approach to something I have to deal with....they're just UMJ - unhelpful mental junk. They can affect my mood and they cloud my mind. I've noticed a marked decrease in these simply by setting and sharing with others the intention to let this mental activity go. I really encourage you to participate in this session.

If you missed the last session on precepts, they are an opportunity to choose one of 5 non-harm principles and attempt to live it more fully in your life.

I hope you can make it.


P.S. I will see you all next week for sutta study as I'm  back in Sydney for a few days.

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