Monday 26 January 2015

This week @ Beaches Sangha - Taking in the Good

Hi all.

As I opened up our website to send this week's post, I realised that last week I saved, but didn't publish, the weekly post. Sorry about that.

This week I'm probably going to run a session on 'taking in the good'. I say 'probably' because we've had a death in the family. My cousin, whom I was very close to, died last Thursday in a car accident. I found out about this when I got home from sangha last week.

I've asked Betsy to have a Plan B in case I don't feel up to doing the session, but so far I think I'll be good to go. Interestingly, I spent 6 days last week in a training course on 'taking in the good' with Rick Hanson, so it was an interesting time to receive the sad family news.

'Taking in the Good' (technically called 'positive neuroplasticity training') is a powerful practice that can be harnessed in 10-15 second bursts on a daily basis. Done fully, it literally changes the neural structures in your brain. I've had first hand experience with it that had lasting positive effects, so I can attest to it being more than just a theory. I'm going to give a short talk on it and then guide you through the practice itself.

I hope to see you there.

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