Monday 9 March 2015

Beaches Sangha retreat

Hi everyone.

Last year, for the first time, we had a Beaches Sangha camping retreat out at Gorrick's Run - a beautiful property owned by the Sydney Zen Centre. It was a self-led retreat (i.e. no teachers were leading it) although we did have some facilitated sessions such as mindful pasta making led by Sylvie. We all pitched in with the catering and logistics to make it happen. Because it was self-led, we decided to only extend the invitation to people who'd done at least a 3 day teacher-led retreat before.

The retreat was fabulous and we unanimously decided to do it again. This year, after much consideration, our SOG (Sangha Organising Group) has decided to open the invitation to all Sangha members, regardless of whether you've done a retreat before or not. So I'd like to invite all of you who've been regular Sangha members at any point in Beaches Sangha's 6 year history, to  join us.

When: Thu 7 May - Sun 10 May
Where: Gorrick's Run (near St. Albans - maps to be provided - allow 2hrs drive)
What: Self-led retreat - with one session a day after dinner where we ask people to come together for a group session. There is a suggested schedule but participants are welcome to join in with that or not as they please. It will be a mostly silent retreat.
Accommodation: BYO tent or swag. Other than camping there is the covered verandah around the meditation hall where a swag can be rolled out. There is a limited amount of space indoors if the great outdoors is not for you. There are drop-toilets, camp showers (with fire heated hot water) and a good indoor camp kitchen as well as a beautiful meditation hall.
Catering: once we have final numbers we'll organise the catering between participants.

If you have any questions, please speak to one of the SOGgies (me, Betsy, Sylvie, Neil, Susanne). If you could let us know by the end of March whether you are coming, that'd be great!

Also, could you please let me know if you plan on coming to my fundraiser concert on Sun 29th (either post a comment here on our web site, or let me know on Thursday night).


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