Tuesday 10 November 2015

Don't miss the next 2 weeks @ Beaches Sangha!!

What is forgiveness? Is forgiving a sign of weakness or courage? Does it mean that we have to let those who harm others get away with it? Can we really forgive others if we are unable to forgive ourselves first?

This week at Sangha we have Sylvie running a session on forgiveness. She will present a short video clip of Jack Kornfield, one of the leading Buddhist teachers in America, and author of several books on compassion and mindfulness, teaching how we can lift the burdens of the past from our hearts. 

After Jack’s video clip, Sylvie will facilitate a group discussion on your thoughts and experiences on the subject.

Next week at Sangha we have a very special guest visiting - someone you've heard us mention many times - Jason Siff. Jason is the person who created the 'recollective awareness' approach to meditation which has influenced many of us. He's the author of many books including 'Unlearning Meditation: What To Do When The Instructions Get In The Way". He visits Australia once a year (from the US) and runs retreats and workshops here.

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