Workshop: A Street Guide to Meditation and the Buddha's Teachings

A Street Guide to Meditation and the Buddha's Teachings


This two day workshop offers an overview of the core teachings of Siddhattha Gotama (the Buddha), an experience of various approaches to meditation, and an understanding of how the two fit together. This offering is secular in orientation. That is, it is both non-religious, and 'of our time'.... practical, down to earth and rooted in the reality of daily modern life. 

The workshop is suitable for those who:
  • are new to meditation &/or the Buddha's teachings
  • have been discouraged by common myths about Buddhism (such as the belief that 'life is suffering' or that to practice Buddhism you must believe in rebirth)
  • have explored 'Buddhism' a bit but would like a sense of the big picture, how it relates to daily life, and/or have questions about it
  • would like to meditate but believe they can't, or 'are no good at it'.

When: Sat 14 - Sun 15 May, 2016, 10am-4pm
Where: Oxford Falls Peace Park, Cnr Wakehurst Parkway and Dreadnought Rd, Oxford Falls.
Cost: $40 to cover workshop costs plus voluntary dana for the teacher. Please read this short explainer if you are unfamiliar with dana.
Catering: hot drinks and bikkies will be provided for morning and afternoon tea. BYO lunch. There is a fridge and microwave at the venue.
Parking: there is a vacant lot opposite the Peace Park which is fine to park in as long as it's not too wet. Otherwise there's plenty of parking along Dreadnought Rd.
What to bring: a blanket or wrap, a yoga mat if you have one, a notebook and pen, your lunch, and cash for your voluntary dana. If you have your own meditation stool or cushion, feel free to bring it too. We have a small number of meditation cushions available at the venue and plenty of chairs. The floor at the venue is wooden floorboards, so if you'll be sitting or kneeling on a meditation stool, you may want to bring a mat or blanket to put underneath your knees.

The workshop will be led by LenorĂ« Lambert. Click here for information about her.

To register, please complete the form below and make your $40 payment. You'll need to use PayPal - if you don't yet have an account, you'll need to create one but it's free, quick and simple (the same process as an internet banking transfer).

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