Tuesday 5 December 2017

This week @ Beaches - Poetry Night

Hi all.

This week is our last 'normal' session for the year at Beaches Sangha. We're going to have one of our favourite things - Poetry Night. This is where we share some of our favourite poems, and reflect on their relevance to the dharma. Poetry can be a 'door to the dharma' by opening the heart to compassion and seeing clearly, this experience of being human.

Because the dharma is about the human experience, almost anything can be relevant. That might be because it illustrates how we get caught up in reactivity, and helps us have compassion for that common trap. Or it might be poetry that helps us see wisely - that experience is the constant coming together of conditions - or maybe it helps us be with experience in a mindful, real way. Hope to see you there.

Party and final session next week
A reminder also that next week is our last session for the year. We'll have a shorter meditation and our little sangha party. If you haven't already rsvp'd, can you please let me know either Thursday night, or using the Contact Form to the right, whether you'll bring a savoury or sweet dish to share.

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