Monday 10 December 2018

This week - important Sangha meeting

Five years ago we celebrated Beaches Sangha's 5th birthday. We got creative and painted rocks from the Peace Park to symbolise what Sangha meant to us. It was marvellous that our group had continued to arise for five whole years, given there is nothing locking people in to coming, not even obligation, just the desire to be part of the group and to learn and practice the dharma. 

Sangha has now arisen every year for 10 years - dependent on the help and care of many. Personally, it's been my "re-set button", a source of great learning, friendship, grounding and connection. I cherish the very real conversations and explorations we have together about this human experience. 

We now need to decide what happens next. I'm ready to relinquish the role of central organiser, so as a group we will determine the next chapter. Maybe someone will be happy to take on that role? Or maybe we'll transform into a once-a-month sutta study group? Or someone might have other ideas? Or maybe the necessary conditions won't be present for Sangha to continue at all. We will find out this week.

If you'd like our sangha to continue in any way, it's really important that you come along this Thursday and be a part of the discussion. Your interest and energy are among the conditions needed for sangha to continue.

Whatever the outcome, Thursday next week will then be our last meeting for 2018, and our tradition is to have a short meditation and an end-of-year celebration where we bring some food and drink to share.

I hope to see you on Thursday.

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