Monday 22 September 2014

This week @ sangha

Hi all.

This week @ Beaches we have Winton Higgins running our monthly sutta study session. We are up to Chapter VII titled 'Feelings'. It's a much shorter chapter than last month's on the body. As always, it's best if you can read the chapter in advance but it if you can't do it you'll still benefit from the session as Winton walks us through the key points.

I hope to see you there.

Thursday 18 September 2014

An invitation

Many of you know that for 3 years or so I've been writing a book. It's going to be called 'Whatever Floats your Boat: A Secular Introduction to the Teachings of the Buddha". It'll combine an FAQ for people new to the dharma as well as an expanded version of my 'one page dharma' talk.  I also have some other similarly inspired projects in the pipeline.

I've decided to get my skates on and finish the book. I've had many people ask me to tell them when it's finished and I've lost track of them all. This is partly a means of staying connected with you if you are interested in that. So I'd like to invite you to join me on this journey via a facebook page I've started. I'm posting practical daily dharmic thoughts, reflections and suggestions, as well as keeping followers up to date with the progress of my book and other projects. It's going to be an experimental/evolving thing and I'd love you to join me and add your comments if you're interested.

If so, click here and then click the 'like' button towards the top of the page (on top of the picture banner). Updates will then appear in your facebook newsfeed.

Warm regards

Monday 15 September 2014

This week @ Beaches - precepts

Hi all.

This week Betsy is giving another talk/discussion on the precepts. I anticipate this will also give an opportunity to report back about how people's chosen precepts are going. We know already from discussion a few weeks ago that for some people, they have brought about some positive change. 

Personally I too have found the focus on precepts beneficial. My chosen precept was under the 'maintaining a clear mind' precept (the opposite of which is indulging in intoxicants of the mind). My goal was to let go of pointless mental movies. I distinguished these from productive ones which help with problem solving or rehearsing an approach to something I have to deal with....they're just UMJ - unhelpful mental junk. They can affect my mood and they cloud my mind. I've noticed a marked decrease in these simply by setting and sharing with others the intention to let this mental activity go. I really encourage you to participate in this session.

If you missed the last session on precepts, they are an opportunity to choose one of 5 non-harm principles and attempt to live it more fully in your life.

I hope you can make it.


P.S. I will see you all next week for sutta study as I'm  back in Sydney for a few days.

Monday 8 September 2014

This week @ Beaches - freewheeling it!

Hi all.

This week @ Beaches Sangha it will be the usual meditation followed by an opportunity to discuss whatever you wish. Quite a few people are away this week and there is no speaker arranged but we ascertained that there were at least 3 people who wanted to meet anyway for a meditation, and if you wish, a discussion afterwards. We have sessions like this occur once or twice a year an it can actually be a nice opportunity to for informal discussion and getting to know each other. 

I hope you can make it.

Monday 1 September 2014

This week @ sangha - The wheel of life part II

Hi all. I hope sutta study went well last week.

Did I mention it's warm in Qld?
This week Jampa is continuing his talk on 'the wheel of life' or as he called it last time 'the ego empire'. Now I'm not going to be there as I'm currently gadding about in shorts and t-shirts in Qld because it's warm here! So I can't be the first one to ask dumb questions as I usually am and you all have to stop Jampa in his tracks and ask questions if you're lost :-)

Hope you can make it Thursday night.