Sunday 18 May 2014

Born to Love Workshop

Born to Love Workshop

Healing ones Attachment pattern
4 week Group Program

Teacher:  Subhana Barzaghi
The 4 week program will offer:-
* Brief overview of attachment theory: – Secure attachment and the three insecure attachment patterns; ambivalent or preoccupied, avoidant and disorganised attachment.
* Understanding ones individual attachment style
* Experiential exercises to repair and heal ruptures to ones attachment pattern. Learn to internalise and grow a secure sense of self, positive self-esteem, sense of agency, resilience and vitality. 

The nature of the attachment bond to our primary caregivers established in early childhood has far reaching implications for the developing individual over the whole life span.  The attachment experience influences; thinking patterns, stability or instability, resilience or vulnerability in how we deal and meet the challenges and stressors of life, physiology, growth, emotional capacity, life satisfaction, & parenting styles.  These primary attachment patterns underlie our personality and shape our capacity as adults to connect, attune, love and relate to significant others.  Neuropsychologists who have investigated into the physiology of relatedness inform us that attachment penetrates to the neural core of what it means to be human.

Attachment theory has been well researched since the pioneering work of John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth and others.  The theory forms a theoretical underpinning of psychodynamic psychotherapy and understanding ourselves in relationship to others.  While a lot has been written on the subject there has been less cultivation of the skills & techniques that foster repair and healing of these basic patterns.
The program will focus on understanding, healing and transformation of ones attachment pattern, to cultivate a greater sense of inner security, happiness and love.   The healing techniques will draw from; mindfulness & loving-kindness meditation techniques, Hakomi psychotherapy, Dan Browns in-depth work & Dan Siegel’s book “The Developing Mind” and Dr. Robert Karen’s book “Becoming Attached”.  We will also address Buddhist notions and views of non-attachment and where that fits on the spectrum of interconnectedness. 

Subhana Barzaghi is an experienced psychotherapist, and worked in the health & welfare field for 25 years, is a clinical supervisor and works in private practice in Mosman.  Subhana is a Zen Buddhist teacher & senior Insight Meditation teacher and teaches intensive retreats throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

For further inquires and registration please email:  
or Mobile: 0414605226
Cost $250

Thursday 15 May 2014

I love sangha

Tonight we were discussing metta - feeling and acting towards ourselves and others with warm friendliness. The question arose: what is it that brings about this feeling for you? 

As I drove home I realised that for me, one of the answers to that question is: Beaches Sangha.I have a gratitude diary that I fill in most nights before I go to sleep. Every Thursday night Beaches Sangha is in it. 

I love sangha. Just sayin'.