Lenore Lambert

Lenorë Lambert

Lenorë is an entrepreneur, athlete, and Organisational Psychologist. She grew up in a Catholic family in country South Australia, but left behind her Catholic heritage as soon as she left home.

After a decade in the corporate world, letting the spiritual life lie fallow, Lenorë started her own business teaching leadership. At the same time she began her own developmental journey in earnest. There were many enjoyable elements to corporate life, but the experience of ‘success’ it offered didn’t seem to bring the fulfilment it’s assumed to. She began attending meditation retreats, learning about the dharma (teachings of the Buddha) through the Insight Meditation tradition, and implementing those teachings in her life.

In over a decade since then, Lenorë has spent a year as the President of Sydney Insight Meditators, begun a second business, written the first draft of a book (a secular introduction to the Buddha's teachings), and for ten years, run a meditation group on the northern beaches of Sydney, at which she is a regular teacher. She is also an elite Masters athlete and competes at local, state, national and international levels. As with all things, her sport is part of her dharma practice.

Lenorë has a deep love of the dharma and its invitation to experience life honestly, courageously, compassionately, and wisely. She loves sharing it with others.

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