Monday 20 October 2014

This week @ Beaches Sangha

Hi all.

This week I'm back from sunny Cairns and will be giving a talk about 'The Five Clusters' of experience. I've just finished the first draft of my book and have a new appreciation for the importance of this little list. Gotama referred to it as his 'lion's roar' in terms of its potential for awakening and talks about it in multiple suttas.

The Five Clusters are frequently referred to as the Five Aggregates or the Five Heaps. They're a really helpful tool for bringing mindfulness to our every day experience and for seeing Dependent Arising in action. It's not the first time we've talked about this at sangha but it's an important one so it's good to visit it again.

The picture doesn't really mean anything, I just thought it was pretty. :-)

Hope to see you on Thursday night.

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