Monday 15 October 2018

This week @ Beaches Sangha - practical dharma

Hi all. 

This week @ Beaches Sangha
This week we have our monthly Open Discussion. We like to focus frequently on how the dharma can be useful to us in practical, day to day life, so that it benefits us, and doesn't just become an intellectual exercise. 

What are we struggling with? Where do we find ourselves getting reactive? In what ways are we pushing away or resisting being with our lives just as they are, in all of their shades of joy, or pain, or maybe boredom? And how can the dharma help in dealing with the ups and downs of life? 

These discussions are always engaging, and I really enjoy the way they unfold as a unique creation of the people who come. It's also nourishing to share a bit of our own adventure with our fellow travelers. I hope you can make it.

Living and Dying workshop
Subhana Barzaghi, who led a session at Beaches Sangha in August, is running a two day workshop called Living and Dying at the Sydney Zen Centre. If loss of a loved being is something that's relevant for you at the moment, or you have found meditation on death beneficial (as I do) you might find this a good way to spend a weekend. Click here for more info.


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