Tuesday 20 November 2018

This week @ Beaches - "not-self"

Hi all. 

This week's theme is "Buddhist Basics" - talks that address some of the key concepts in the dharma. I'll be running a practical session on the important concept of 'not-self' (anatta in Pali). When I was first learning the dharma I found this the concept that was most confusing, so I wrestled with it, asked questions on retreats, read about it, and badgered teachers about it until I understood it. So this week I'm going to share that understanding with you so that you have a good grasp too.

Also, another reminder to diarise 13th December to come and decide whether and how Beaches Sangha will continue next year (see my post from 29 October for more info). If the Sangha is important to you, it's important that you come along and be part of that discussion.

I hope to see you on Thursday.


P.S. I've swapped a couple of talks on the schedule - next week will be a talk by Gawaine, and the week after will be our last sutta study for the year.

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