Tuesday 15 October 2019

This month @ Beaches - Buddha Nature, Mara Nature

Hi all.

This month at Beaches Sangha we're going to have a discussion about Stephen Batchelor's talk: "Buddha Nature, Mara Nature".  I've often heard people talk about Buddha Nature as if it's some kind of "thing" inside of us, or our "true nature" that's just there waiting to be uncovered....almost like the Buddhist substitute for a soul. 

This is a mis-understanding. In fact "Buddha Nature" appears nowhere in the early texts and is arguably a significant mis-translation of the idea it did come from.

Batchelor's talk is an hour long and it's really rich, so you may want to listen more than once. So I thought I'd put up this post about it a bit earlier than normal so that you have plenty of time to listen and note down your thoughts, questions, and things to discuss.

Here's the link to listen or download it.

I hope to see you on Thursday 31st October for our last content session. 


P.S. We'll be having our end of year get together at the end of November.

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