Tuesday 5 August 2014

This week @ Beaches - choose a precept

Hi all. Sorry this message is a day late (I know for some of you the sangha email is your weekly reminder that it's Tuesday :-)) I thought I'd done it last night....I'm not taking intoxicants, I swear!

This week at sangha Betsy's going to give an overview of the 5 precepts. Precepts are essentially undertakings to behave in a way that's helpful to letting go of our self created angst and living more mindfully, wisely and kindly. 

As part of our desire to keep sangha practical, after the overview we're going to offer an opportunity to choose one that has meaning for you and decide on a practical action that you are going to try and implement in your life. Then we'll agree on when and how we might use the support of our sangha to help us be mindful of our efforts and energised to continue them.

Two things in preparation for this week's session:

  1. Have a read of this document on the precepts, and
  2. Bring a pen and some paper with you.
I look forward to seeing you Thursday night.

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